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Remembering is for those who have forgotten.

Handley Jack

I have defined the hundred per cent American as ninety-nine per cent an idiot.

Jack Handley

If any demonstrator ever lays down in front of my car, it'll be the last car he ever lays down in front of.

Mex Jack Handley

Any president should have the right to shoot at least two people a year without explanation.

Mex Jack Handley The New

What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?

Mex Jack Handley The New

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Someday, Weederman, we'll look back on all this and laugh... It will probably be one of those deep, eerie ones that slowly builds to a blood-curdling maniacal scream... but still it will be a laugh.
Boffo Mister

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Jack Handley
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