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To every Ph.D. there is an equal and opposite Ph.D.

Carlyle Thomas

Some scholars are like donkeys, they merely carry a lot of books.

Carlyle Thomas

When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the thing," it's the money.

Carlyle Thomas

I go on working for the same reason a hen goes on laying eggs.

Carlyle Thomas

Ah, but a man's grasp should exceed his reach, Or what's a heaven for ?

Dekker Thomas

"Why are we importing all these highbrow plays like `Amadeus'? I could have told you Mozart was a jerk for nothing."

Dewar Lord Thomas

If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Dewar Lord Thomas

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

Dewar Lord Thomas Rober

The average Ph.D thesis is nothing but the transference of bones from one graveyard to another.

Edison Thomas Alva

"Hey, Sam, how about a loan?" "Whattaya need?" "Oh, about $500." "Whattaya got for collateral?" "Whattaya need?" "How about an eye?"

Jefferson Thomas

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.

Jefferson Thomas

The Poems, all three hundred of them, may be summed up in one of their phrases: "Let our thoughts be correct".

Jefferson Thomas

Our policy is, when in doubt, do the right thing.

Jefferson Thomas

There is a good deal of solemn cant about the common interests of capital and labour. As matters stand, their only common interest is that of cutting each other's throat.

Jefferson Thomas

Forgive and forget.

Jefferson Thomas

I just need enough to tide me over until I need more.

Jefferson Thomas

Adde parvum parvo manus acervus erit. [Add little to little and there will be a big pile.]

Jefferson Thomas

The rights and interests of the laboring man will be protected and cared for not by our labor agitators, but by the Christian men to whom God in his infinite wisdom has given control of property interests of the country, and upon the successful manag

Jefferson Thomas

Life is like a 10 speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.

Jefferson Thomas

Good salesmen and good repairmen will never go hungry.

Jones Thomas

I need another lawyer like I need another hole in my head.

Kempis Thomas `a

"Earth is a great, big funhouse without the fun."

Kempis Thomas `a

Any two philosophers can tell each other all they know in two hours.

Kopp Thomas J.

God helps them that help themselves.

Lewis Thomas

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.

Macaulay Thomas

Faith is under the left nipple.

Martin Thomas L.

Hotels are tired of getting ripped off. I checked into a hotel and they had towels from my house.

More Sir Thomas

Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit. [There is no great genius without some touch of madness.]

Paine Thomas

The only happiness lies in reason; all the rest of the world is dismal. The highest reason, however, I see in the work of the artist, and he may experience it as such. Happiness lies in the swiftness of feeling and thinking: all the rest of the worl

Paine Thomas

A lie is an abomination unto the Lord and a very present help in time of trouble.

Reed Thomas B.

The whole earth is in jail and we're plotting this incredible jailbreak.

Reid Thomas

Were there no women, men might live like gods.

Szasz Thomas

Nothing succeeds like excess.

Szasz Thomas

XI: If the Earth could be made to rotate twice as fast, managers would get twice as much done. If the Earth could be made to rotate twenty times as fast, everyone else would get twice as much done since all the managers would fly off. XII: I

Thomas Dylan

By the middle 1880's, practically all the roads except those in the South, were of the present standard gauge. The southern roads were still five feet between rails. It was decided to change the gauge of all southern roads to standard, in one day

Thomas Dylan

Any philosophy that can be put "in a nutshell" belongs there.

Thomas J. Parnell

If a jury in a criminal trial stays out for more than twenty-four hours, it is certain to vote acquittal, save in those instances where it votes guilty.

Thomas Marlo

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Thomas Marlo

I value kindness to human beings first of all, and kindness to animals. I don't respect the law; I have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper, and old men

Thomas Norman

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.

Thomas Carlyle

Without adventure, civilization is in full decay.

Thomas Dave

Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.

Thomas De Quincey

With Congress, every time they make a joke it's a law; and every time they make a law it's a joke.

Thomas De Quincey

Bullwinkle: You just leave that to my pal. He's the brains of the outfit. General: What does that make YOU? Bullwinkle: What else? An executive.

Thomas De Quincey

Then a man said: Speak to us of Expectations. He then said: If a man does not see or hear the waters of the Jordan, then he should not taste the pomegranate or ply his wares in an open market. If a man would not labour in the salt and rock quarri

Thomas Jefferson

Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.

Thomas King

Never buy what you do not want because it is cheap; it will be dear to you.

Thomas Macaulay

It is better to live rich than to die rich.

Thomas W. Lamont

Would it help if I got out and pushed?

Tusser Thomas

It is ridiculous to call this an industry. This is not. This is rat eat rat, dog eat dog. I'll kill 'em, and I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me. You're talking about the American way of survival of the fittest.

Tusser Thomas

Intellect annuls Fate. So far as a man thinks, he is free.

Wolfe Thomas

I am a man: nothing human is alien to me.

Ybarra Thomas

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It's the opinion of some that crops could be grown on the moon. Which raises the fear that it may not be long before we're paying somebody not to.
Jones Franklin P.

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