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"Consequences, Schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich."

Little Mary Wilson

He thought of Musashi, the Sword Saint, standing in his garden more than three hundred years ago. "What is the 'Body of a rock'?" he was asked. In answer, Musashi summoned a pupil of his and bid him kill himself by slashing his abdomen with a knife.

Mizner Wilson

All the really good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow.

Mizner Wilson

Sho' they got to have it against the law. Shoot, ever'body git high, they wouldn't be nobody git up and feed the chickens. Hee-hee.

Mizner Wilson

Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.

Mizner Wilson

[Maturity consists in the discovery that] there comes a critical moment where everything is reversed, after which the point becomes to understand more and more that there is something which cannot be understood.

Pudd'nhead Wilson's

A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of.

Wilson Earl

If reporters don't know that truth is plural, they ought to be lawyers.

Wilson Earl

"We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!"

Wilson Edmund

You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.

Wilson Woodrow

There's no justice in this world.

Wilson Robert

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Largest Number of Driving Test Failures By April 1970 Mrs. Miriam Hargrave had failed her test thirty-nine times. In the eight preceding years she had received two hundred and twelve driving lessons at a cost of L300. She set the new record while
Heroi Stephen Pile

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