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Turn the other cheek.

Ian Anderson of

I've got all the money I'll ever need if I die by 4 o'clock.

Ian Fleming

Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny.

Ibsen Henrik

Men will fuck mud.

Imamu Amiri Baraka

A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance.

Indiana Jones

Nothing succeeds like success.

Interesting Mr.

For every bloke who makes his mark, there's half a dozen waiting to rub it out.

Ionesco Eugene

It has long been noticed that juries are pitiless for robbery and full of indulgence for infanticide. A question of interest, my dear Sir! The jury is afraid of being robbed and has passed the age when it could be a victim of infanticide.

Ionesco Eugene

Hard reality has a way of cramping your style.

Ionesco Eugene

The shortest distance between two points is under construction.

Irving John

The Least Successful Equal Pay Advertisement In 1976 the European Economic Community pointed out to the Irish Government that it had not yet implemented the agreed sex equality legislation. The Dublin Government immediately advertised for an equal

Isabella Mary Beeton

Luck can't last a lifetime, unless you die young.

Italla Sven

Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. [If youth but knew, if old age but could.]

Izenour Robert Venturi

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"Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before," Bokonon tells us. "He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way."
Vonnegut Kurt

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